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First Love

Weekly Topic: In what three words would you describe your memory of first-love?

Feb 2, 2019

Kiss, Crush, Innocence

Cafetalk asked us to write a column about our first love.  When you are (starting) to get old like me, memories are often lost in to time, long forgotten, never to be remembered again.  However, I will never forget my first love, my first kiss, and the innocence of childhood love.

At the time, I was 6 or 7 years old.  My grade school was just one block from my house, I was lucky, I did not have to walk far to school.  I was also lucky because I got to walk by Kris’s house every day on my way to school.  Kris was the same age as me and in the same class as me at school.  I remember her pretty smile, her blond hair and her blue eyes.  I liked her from the moment I say her.  You could say I had a crush on her – and I think she liked me too.  One day after school, we were walking home and talking to each other as kids often do.  Suddenly, I got a burst of courage and I asked her if I could kiss her, and she said yes!  It was just a quick kiss, sweet and innocent, but it filled me with joy.  My heart pounded and I knew I was in love.

Sadly, our first kiss was also our last kiss.  I don’t remember why we never kissed again, but it was a special moment in my life.  If you were to ask me who the second girl I ever kissed was, I couldn’t tell you, I’ve completely forgotten, but I will never forget my first kiss, my first love.  Kris will always hold a special place in my heart.  

Kissto touch with the lips especially as a mark of affection or greeting

Crush:  First crush refers to the person towards whom you are attracted for the very first time.

Innocence:  The notion of innocence refers to children's simplicity, their lack of knowledge, and their purity not yet spoiled by adult experiences.   


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