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Feb 3, 2019

こんにちは!最近YOUTUBEとINSTAGRAMで子供英語の動画をアップしています。興味があればYAKITORI ENGLISHを検索してください!



Look, Anpanman is on the lid. I am so excited!
Let's open it up and look inside.
Okay, let's close it now!
Look, there's a green square, a red love heart, a blue circle and an orange... flower... Hmmm, maybe!
Okay, let's use these three.
Shokupanman is on the blue circle. Let's look for the blue circle.
Here it is. It fits. I am so excited! Let's put it inside.
Anpanman is on the green square.
Here is the green square. Bingo! It fits. Let's put it inside, too.
Dokinchan is on the red love heart.
Here is the red love heart. It fits. Let's put it inside!
Okay, time's up. We're done here!

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