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Feb 9, 2019


Yakitori EnglishはYouTubeとInstagramにあります。Cafetalkでも授業が出来ます☆
Look at this cool toy. I am so excited!
Look, it's Baikinman. There are one... two... three clouds.
If you turn the blue dial, Baikinman pops up. He has big teeth.
Look, it's Meronpanachan. There are one... two... three... four... five bubbles.
If you pull the green knob down, Meronpanachan pops up. She has the letter M on her forehead.
Look, it's Anpanman. There are one... two... three... four... five... six stars.
If you flick the large yellow switch, Anpanman pops up. He has very red cheeks.
Look, it's Dokinchan. There are one... two love hearts.
If you push the orange button, Dokinchan pops up. She has big green eyes.
Look, it's Shokupanman. There are one... two... three balloons.
If you turn the red dial, Shokupanman pops up. His head is shaped like a loaf of bread.
Okay, time's up. We're done here!

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