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Love Is Strange

Feb 12, 2019

As Valentine's Day draws near, I thought I'd spread a little bit of love and tell you about some rather weird and wonderful Valentine's Day traditions from around the world....

We all know that a girl's best friend is chocolate. Well, Ghana has gone one step further and dedicated Valentine's Day as National Chocolate Day! Chocolate truffle, anyone?!
Here in the UK, it is the boys who do the chasing - sending a card and/or gift to a loved one or secret sweetheart. Only the recipient has no idea who it is from as all cards and gifts are sent anonymously - love works in mysterious ways! this is the reversal to those of you in Japan as I believe it is the girls who chase the boys - how brave!
Even more bizarrely, if you live in Wales, you will receive a specially carved wooden spoon as a token of a suitor's deepest love and admiration - love in a spoon?!
In South Africa, the name of a special sweetheart is pinned on to the shirt sleeve of the admirer for all to see - so much for wearing your heart on your sleeve! This is a common expression in English that means 'to make your feelings clear or apparent'.
Finally, in Germany, you are likely to receive a picture, statue or chocolate model of a pig for Valentine's Day. Pigs are believed to bring good fortune and lust by the Germans - oink oink!
Well, I hope that has given you all a few creative ideas for this month's day of love - 14 February - and I look forward to hearing about your gifts, secret admirers and celebrations! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 

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