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Cafetalk Tutor's Column

Tutor Steve M 's Column


Feb 26, 2019

Look, this is a turtle. It has a hard shell.
This is a deer. It is light brown.
This is a polar bear. It is white.
This is a dog. It is black and white.
This is a cow. It is brown and white.
This is a giraffe. It has a long neck.
This is a chimpanzee. Chimpanzees like bananas.
This is a hippo. Hippos are very heavy.
This is a penguin. It is black and white.
This is Anpanman. I am so excited, but... Anpanman is not an animal.
This is a dinosaur. It is a tyrannosaurus rex!
Okay, time's up. We're done here!

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