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The Beginning of Spring in the UK

Weekly Topic: What marks the start of spring in your culture?

Mar 2, 2019

In the UK, the changing of the seasons isn't very obvious. Winter will change into Spring slowly. Little by little, the sun will become brighter and the weather will become warmer but honestly? Snow in April sometimes happens.

When you can't rely on the weather to show the start of Spring, what can you look for?

Growing up, for me the Easter holiday was very important. The date of Easter changes every year but usually happens during April (this year, it's on April 21st). This holiday from school was the first oppurtunity to enjoy the outdoors since New Year and I used to go hiking with my family in the countryside. We would watch the new leaves growing on the trees, the young lambs playing in the fields and enjoy the sunshine and Spring flowers. 

But the real "beginning of Spring" happened earlier for me. At Easter we celebrate by eating chocolates and sweets shaped like eggs. My favourite Easter sweets are called Mini Eggs. They are small chocolates covered in a coloured sugar coat and are very addictive! For me, the real beginning of Spring is when these sweets appear in the supermarkets because I know that Easter is just around the corner and soon I'll be enjoying them (and the sunshine) again.

When do you feel Spring beginning?


obvious - very clear/ easy to understand or see
lamb -
a baby sheep
addictive -
something you can't stop doing 
to be "just around the corner" -
to be very near OR something that will happen very soon

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