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I'm a Crazy Cat Lady - And It's Wonderful

Weekly Topic: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them with pictures!

Mar 11, 2019

This week's topic is to share about pets, and I have never been more excited to write a Cafetalk post! 

I am the proud parent of three cats that I love with all my heart. 

The oldest, Niema, just turned 11 this month. My husband and I adopted her from a family that wasn't able to keep all of their cats while moving across the country. 

Niema became my husband's best friend! She loves him and sleeps on his chest every night. She is definitely the alpha cat in the household and always tries to maintain her dignity in front of the other cats.

Annie is 7 years old and was the second cat we adopted. She had been abandoned by another family, and we found her living in the insulation of the side of a building. She had a large cut on her side and her ear was torn. We think she'd been in a fight with another cat.

My husband didn't want two cats, but we couldn't leave her abandoned outside! We brought her home and she immediately was comfortable. She now hates going outside and is still very timid around new people. But she has a much happier life.

Our third cat is named Asrael and he is 3 years old. My husband and I had decided not to adopt any other cats. We only wanted 2, especially since we live in an apartment. However, he agreed that I could foster cats and help socialize them to make them more adoptable. I brought home Asrael as my first foster cat and fell immediately in love with him. I wasn't able to give him up.

Asrael is the only boy in the house and he desperately wants to play with the two girls. Unfortunately, they don't like him. But he is very confident, energetic, and playful. He is definitely my cat. I am his favorite person and he curls up on my lap anytime that I'm sitting down. Asrael is the final addition to our much-too-large family of cats.

Some may call me a crazy cat lady. And I'm okay with that. My cats are my babies and they make the house a happy and lively place. Now that I'm living in Ecuador, I'm living away from them and it's very difficult. I miss them daily and I can't wait to get back to Seattle to see them again!

Please, tell me about your pets! Are you a cat person, too?

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