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She was my baby!

Weekly Topic: Do you have any pets? Tell us about them with pictures!

Mar 11, 2019

Hello Cafetalk Community! I am Keiko Davy, and English and Japanese tutor living in Malaysia. I would like to write about my baby dog Georgie in today's column, according to this week's tutor column theme "Do you have a pet?'  

Yes, my title says that Georgie 'was' my baby, in the past tense. She was 15 years old and very ill, and we had to euthanize her for her comfort 2 years ago. It was very sad to say good bye to my 15-year-old company all the way from Australia. (She looks grey in this photo!) 

She was a mixed breed, Australian silky terrier x foxy terrier. She had a chunky body with short legs. She also had very shaggy hair! She was extremely friendly, funny and strong, and she loved food lol! 

We made Georgie our 'wedding ring bearer' in our ceremony in Penang, Malaysia! We were very fortunate to have such a wonderful dog in our lives. What do you say about your pets? I am sure you feel the same towards yours! 

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