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TED/NEWS/TED-ED Talks for Intermediate and Advanced Students

Mar 23, 2019

Hello Dear Students,

I have just added news talks and subjects to my TED/NEWS/TED-ED Lesson.  This lesson is for intermediate and advanced students.  If you have never taken a lesson with me, it is recommended you take an introductory lesson first. 

This lesson will consist of a video, quiz, listening, discussion.  Each Bi-weekly Lesson will feature a different TED, NEWS, or TED-ED Talk. This lesson features listening, speaking, vocabulary and reading. You will get many forms of English in this lesson.  

Usually, these talks are under 15-minutes.   When you request this lesson, I will send you the link to watch the talk and take the quiz.  I will also send you the transcript. It is expected you watch the video and take the quiz before the lesson with me.

During the lesson, I will ask you to give me a brief summary of the topic of the video. Also in the lesson, we will talk about the information, presentation, vocabulary, Discussion questions and any questions you might have. 

Please choose ONLY 1 talk with your request.  If you do NOT choose, I will choose for you.  

New Talks are being added regularly!

The current lessons available are:
  • Why don't country flags use the color purple
  • Where do new words come from?
  • History of Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin Facts
  • Halloween History from National Geographic
  • How the world's first metro system was built
  • What Month Begins the New Year
  • Winter Holiday Celebrations Around the World
  • The Evolution of the book
  • Where did English come from?
  • 5 ways to listen better
  • The benefits of a bilingual brain
  • How rollercoasters affect your body
  • The history of the world according to cats
  • Shh! Sound health in 8 steps
  • Daylight Saving Time 101
  • The surprising link between stress and memory
  • Animals Cannot be Blue
  • The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained (VERY Challenging) 
Remember these lessons are for intermediate and advanced students only.  

Look for the coupons available!

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