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Celebrating New Years in Different Countries

Dec 11, 2017

There are many ways to celebrate New years in many different countries.  (coupon below)

Hogmanay in Edinburgh - New Year's Eve is a 3-day celebration in Scotland. It starts on December 30th with revelers holding torches and they create a river of fire. There are traditional dancing, pipers and drums, and processions, and it ends on January 1st.  

Eating Grapes in Spain - Spain has a tradition of celebrating good health by eating 12 grapes.  This is one grape for each hour that strikes at midnight.  The most popular place to celebrate this tradition is Puerta del Sol in Madrid.  They have 12 grapes in one hand and a glass of cava in the other.  As the clock strikes 12 times, they eat 1 grape for each bell.  It turns into a big all night party.

Feasting in Estonia - Estonians celebrate New Years by feasting on many meals.  Not just an extra meal but 7, 9, or 12 meals!  It is traditional not to finish everything on the plate that night as it is believed by leaving some food on the plate will make the spirits happy!

How do you Celebrate New Years?

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