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Announcing a New Service

Nov 8, 2017

Announcing a NEW SERVICE!!!!!!

Do you struggle with pronunciation? 

Are you trying to read something but there are some words that are unfamiliar to you to pronounce? 

Would you like to listen to an article on the go?

Now YOU Can!

I will record an article, presentation, tongue twister, etc and send it to you in an MP3 format.

Use the coupon below and try it NOW!

Coupon Name: Record pronunciation or presentation 
Code: 36e2e45f
Discount Rate: 20%
For Lesson: Recording Pronunciation or Presentation 
Effective for lessons conducted between: Nov 6, 2017 ~ Nov 30, 2017
URL: http://cafetalk.com/user/coupon/detail/?id=546244&lang=en
(GMT-07:00 Denver) 

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