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Mar 30, 2019

Amsterdamse Bos Park in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Forest, this is the name in English of the big park just outside Amsterdam, is a marvelous place where you may just relax walking while enjoying the lovely view around, taking a bicycle ride alone or with some friends, or making a picnic with family in your free time.

SPRING has arrived, when the cherry blossom blooms in the Amsterdamse Bos.  Yes, the Japanese community of Amstelveen then celebrates Hanami Matsuri (literally translated: Cherry Blossom Festival. Flowers and nature have a symbolic meaning in Japan. The cherry blossom ('Sakura') 桜 represents a new beginning, a time of renewal. Their life is very short. After their beauty peaks more or less after two weeks, the blossoms start to fall.

In Japan,  it is a tradition to have a picnic with family and friends under the blossoming cherry trees. In the Bloesempark in the Amsterdamse Bos, you can also enjoy the blossoms in the spring and experience this tradition.

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