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Paying my fluffy friends a visit!

Apr 2, 2019 | 3 Comments

I was extremely disappointed to see that the space the local cats have been living in has been boarded up.

I'm not sure of the exact reason why this has happened, or the reason why there are so many cats in this area, but according to a local woman who I speak and feed the cats with everyday - people are unhappy about them living here. Why that would be I don't know......

They are not hurting anyone at all, and simply want to survive. Just like you and I do. It is a basic instinct in all of us to want to live, but some sad, pathetic people like to take it upon themselves to get angry and upset at other people's business.

This is one example of an attitude lately that I have found a bit disheartening.
Far too many people have nothing happening in their lives, and so they take it upon themselves to complain and moan about what others are doing.

Of course, this is not a comment about Japan at all.
I am referring to a world scale. Simply look around you or watch the news and you will see.
I saw this back in the UK too. But it seems like recently I have been encountering this attitude more and more frequently.

Here is some advice - fill you life up with what makes YOU happy. 
And if other people's actions don't hurt or harm others, then let it go and leave them be.

We have seen this with gay rights and many other important issues in the past few years that could help progress our society further. Too many old conservatives are so upset about what others are doing, that they take it upon themselves to do anything in their power to stop others being happy. 

Well here is some news for you :

If you love life and make everyday full of magical, wonderful things that benefit yourself and others around you - you won't have time to waste complaining about others actions.

Good day :-)


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