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Weekly Topic: The Best Place to Visit During a Long Vacation

Apr 2, 2019

Scotland is often forgotten when travellers visit the UK. Even when spending a few weeks travelling around the normal ones on everyone's list tend to be in the south of the country with perhaps Manchester, Liverpool or the Lake District thrown in for good measure.
But take some time out to visit Scotland, and you will not be disappointed. Whether you enjoy walks along the beach, cosy pubs, mountain climbing, skiing or fine dining - Scotland has it all. 
It is situated in the most northern part of the UK and is a wilderness of mountains, green forests, sandy beaches, and lochs with pretty villages and towns. It is home to two major cities, Glasgow full of cultural flare and Edinburgh, the capital, with its splendid castle on the hill. As well as the mainland there are many untouched and pristine islands to explore, around 790 islands in total, so plenty to choose from. Try a taste of the locally produced whiskey, some of the best in the world, perhaps during a visit to a distillery, or sample the notorious Haggis for lunch if you dare.  The further north you travel the fewer people you see. So don't forget to look up at night, with so little light pollution the array of stars on display will take your breath away on a clear night. 

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