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Paying these fluffy little guys a visit again :-)

Apr 5, 2019

The cats were out in full force yesterday and really brightened up my day!

Feeding and caring for stray animals has ZERO to do with them being cute or かわいい for me.
Otherwise I would simply go to a cat cafe or something similar.

I would do the same for any animal OR human.
Whether it was a stray dog, a duck, a three-headed chicken - makes no difference to me.

I am not a 'cat person'.
I am a 'compassionate person'.
And being a compassionate person means doing it because you care and want to help others. 
I would and have done the same for all kinds of animals and homeless humans or humans in need, and will continue to do the same for the rest of my life.
It is what I would want others to do for me if I were in their position.

Many people come out with the argument - 'you shouldn't give homeless people food or water. It doesn't get them out of their situation'.
Which is true. 
But neither does simply doing NOTHING and walking past.

All I need to think is what would I want someone to do for me if I were homeless and couldn't get enough food to survive.

'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you'

I am not a Christian, but I find this to be one of the most poignant and meaningful verses in the bible.

Essentially, if we treat others (ALL living beings - human or animal) how we would like to be treated ourselves, the world would be a much brighter, happier and more positive place.

Good day :-)


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