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Weekly Topic: The Best Place to Visit During a Long Vacation

Apr 6, 2019

Yes, O yeah! Most of us have a strong desire to travel and see the world.  Well, there is no right or wrong thing in making an itinerary of your dream vacation.   For example, mine includes my vacation to Rome and Switzerland. I think what matters most is to come up with the things you want to do or places you want to see that will inspire you and will give you a lifetime memory and satisfaction.

Travel isn’t always “peaches and cream”. It is not always comfortable and fun. It has its own hassles. I guess that is part of everyone’s journey. It is always a learning experience and it makes us a better person as each year passes. Well, as for Saint Augustine-“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. I am fortunate and blessed for having the privilege to do so. ‘Lemme share with you two of my favorite places…                                            

ROME: It turned me speechless! Amazingly packed with countless historical landmarks, churches, and museums.  I had an idea to learn a few basic words. Greeting someone in their native language is simply a sign of respect.  Why not! - a handful of expressions may go a  long way. For example:
Buon Giorno ( good morning/ good afternoon), Buena  Sera( good evening), Ciao( good-bye), Arrivederci( goodbye), Grazie ( thank you), Prego (welcome) and to make the conversation a  lot much easier, the first thing to ask: Lei Parla Inglesa? ( Do you speak English). Well, just a few basics to help you through your vacation.

SWITZERLAND is one of my favorites and should definitely be on everyone's bucket list. My first and recent travel to Europe was in this fascinating country of alpine lakes, dramatic cliffs, and the lovely mountains of Santis and Matterhorn. No matter what the season is, Switzerland is an outdoor lover's dream. While it is very well known for being costly, I would say it is one of the most strikingly admirable countries I visited.  I stayed with some Swiss friends in Winterthur, a city in the canton of  Zurich and luckily memorized some basic expressions: Guata Morga (good morning), Guata Taag( good afternoon), Tschuss/ Ciao ( goodbye), Gruitzi( hello) and of course not to forget my favorite expression, An Gauta!(enjoy your meal)- Swiss  love to say before every  meal.


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