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What I love about New York City

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Apr 10, 2019

New York is a wonderful city. I lived in New York for almost 30 years. It is a city that has so much to offer and with so many different kinds of people. There are so many hidden spots and places that are special. The broadway shows, the arts, the museums, the food etc..

It can be overwhelming. You won’t know where to start :) 


So if you go to New York here is a short list of my favorite places you can go visit:


  1. The MET (Metropolitan museum of art)

This museum has a very extensive collection of art from all regions of the world. I highly recommend going there to spend one full day in order to see as many exhibits as possible. Try to go there on a Friday because the crowds are not so big and in the afternoon starting at 4pm you can go to the free quintet concert on the second floor. I often sat there with a glass of wine just enjoying everything.

  1. The Museum of Natural History

This museum is great if you have children but for adults is incredible as well. My favorite sections of this museum are the planetarium and the dinosaur exhibits. They are so much fun and interesting. There is a new dinosaur exhibit now that I am dying to go see.



  1. Lincoln Center

Here you can find any concert you like. All of the best philharmonics of the world perform here. There is also Opera if that’s what you enjoy. Tickets prices are priced so that everyone can go. They have very inexpensive tickets all through the week.

  1. Broadway shows

There are many shows but any show you pick will be a winner. It is hard to say this show or that show are no so great. They are all really a lot of fun. Chicago is the last one I saw, it was a blast! I heard Harry Potter is phenomenal.

  1. Swing 46

This is my favorite place for dancing and having drinks. There is always live music and the renovated floor is more spacious and great for dancing. I often went there with friends specifically for swing dancing which is so much fun. 

  1. The Boat Basin Cafe

This Cafe in the upper west side of Manhattan is located next to the water inside River Side Park. You can go there for drinks or just some snacks. People often go for drinks or they have their own picnic in the vicinity. The views of the sunset by the river are gorgeous. 


I hope you find this list helpful to you. If you have any questions you can post them and I will be happy to answer them. If you go to New York City, I wish you a fantastic journey. You will enjoy it thoroughly.

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