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Apr 23, 2019

We lost our beloved mom to cancer. I thought I would never be able to get over my grief.
My mom was a strong presence in my life. She was always there to listen when I felt confused, lost, or even when I just needed someone to play a joke with.
When I lost her, it left a big vacuum in my life. Yes, she was my mom and my best friend too. Grief was a stranger, I was forced to accept and embrace.
The first year was difficult. First birthday, first Christmas and many other firsts celebrated without her.
Well, time flies like an arrow and so did with my life. Like how many days after my mom's death did I decide it was time to go back to my normal life? I cannot really remember my healing process in those days that came. One day, I woke up, it was back to life, back to work, back to my marriage. "Time stops for no one"- yeah, time definitely doesn't stop for grief. Though GRIEF was my constant companion during the first few years after her death. 
Over time things get did easier. Now, I remember her, not anymore with pain and sorrow but with love and joy. With Joy, I remember her passing and thank GOD for always being HERE for me in all my battles in life. 

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