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After climbing Mt.Fuji through the night.....

Apr 24, 2019

....it was a wonderful experience to see it from another angle :-)

With the magnitude of this incredible mountain looming over Kawaghiko and the surrounding towns and cities, it is no wonder it is so highly revered.

I'm sure many people say this, so I am not expecting to sound original or unique here (!), but I certainly feel a strange connection to this mountain.
Even since a young age I have been obsessed with the Great Wave Off Kanagawa painting by Hokusai (enough that I have my own personal interpretation of it marked on a large part my body permenantly), and since visiting Kawaguchiko for 4 trips in the past two years I have found it in my thoughts and mind very often.
From one failed attempt at climbing in a dangerous and terrible typhoon, to the best 30th birthday climb and climbing to successfully through the night to see the sunrise from the summit, to one 71km ultramarathon on no-sleep, and now to a highly successful 100km ultramarathon....

Whatever the adventure - Fuji san is often at the centre of it. Peacefully watching over myself and others as we enjoy this wonderful part of the world.

My dream has always been to race the infamous 'Ultra Trail Mount Fuji' which is an EXTREMELY tough 168km race up and around Mt.Fuji and the surrounding trails. This is a highly skilled race which requires a strict entry system and to be vetoed before taking part. I am waiting for the appropriate time to do this race, but after a few conversations with my girlfriend, I am sensing that a yearly visit to Japan will become a large part of our lives, with this race not far off.

Have a wonderful week everyone, and rememeber to set yourself HIGH goals!!!!

'If we shoot for the stars, we might hit the sky'


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