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Why is important to make mistakes when learning a new language?

Apr 26, 2019

When learning a new language is very important to make mistakes.
These mistakes specially when speaking allow you to learn and improve. This is because when you make mistakes is when your mind is actually engaged in the learning process. I will go further with this thought to say that if you are not making mistakes on a daily basis you really are not learning. The more mistakes you make, the more opportunities for learning you will have.


Making mistakes is a fundamental aspect of learning a new language. In the English language making mistakes is necessary in order to achieve proficiency.


When I was at Hunter College in New York City completing my TESOL certificate for teaching English. I clearly saw the difference between students who were happy to make mistakes and the ones who avoided participating and making mistakes. The reason for this is simple; the students who were willing to make mistakes were exposed to more opportunities for learning. Students who preferred not to participate and were afraid to making mistakes had less opportunity. As a result, they had a harder time improving their language proficiency.


The message of this story is to really push yourself to make as many mistakes as possible without being too concerned or afraid of the result. The number of times that you try really does matter. The way to approach this is to contemplate the fact that when learning a new language, fluency is more important than accuracy. First, you aim for fluency without being too concerned with accuracy which comes later on. 

Remember that English is a skill that is acquired with practice. It does not represent whether you are smart or not.

Lastly, this is the attitude of mind that you should strive for when making a mistake while learning anything: 




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