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A Cure for Post Holiday Blues!?

Weekly Topic: The best treatment to post-holiday blues

May 14, 2019

Golden Week has come and gone in Japan. In my home country, Australia, we have recently celebrated the Easter Holidays. So holiday season is over for both countries. Often when we go on holidays we may come back feeling a little bit gloomy and sad. This feeling is called the "Post-Holiday Blues". Post-Holiday Blues are a problem for many people and is very normal. This is because when we are finally on our holidays, our routine has changed and we are excited about doing many different and interesting things. 
When we come back from our holidays we then have to settle back into our regular routine, which may be a drag! I know I suffer from this sadness sometimes. Especially when I come back to Australia from Japan. I find myself wanting to go back to Japan and eating more yummy food!

Some of my strategies for overcoming Post-Holiday Blues are:

  • Trying something new and exciting- I like knitting a new pattern, creating dolls and painting.
  • Exercise- I go to the gym near my house and go swimming.
  • Cooking- If I really start to miss Japanese food again, I like to try and cook Japanese food myself at home. Recently I have been cooking Oyakodon and Nikujaga.
  • Seeing friends-When going out and seeing friends, try not to brag too much about your holiday as they might get jealous!

All these things are important for our mental health in general. I hope everyone has had a good holiday and have settled back into daily life. Has anyone else experienced “Post-Holiday Blues”?

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