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Benefits of Being Bilingual!

May 15, 2019

Hello Cafetalk Community!

I don't know if many of you know this, but I can speak Japanese. Although I am not perfect at speaking Japanese, I am certainly fluent enough to explain what I want to convey. So, when you are speaking to me in English, I am able to help you express yourself because I will be able to understand what you want to say. As a result, I would act like a sort of a "safety net" when we are carrying on an English conversation.

[*One disclaimer:] --> However, I cannot read your mind. You have to tell me what you are trying to say. Then, I will be able to help you find the best way to convey what you are trying to say.

[Write in English:] --> No more secrets!
In addition, I found a fool-proof way to check your English skills. I can test how you write in English. I've noticed that many of my students are very eloquent, fluent, and articulate speaking English, but the true test is to be able to write in English. Grammar mistakes are hard to hide when you write in English.
Would you like to test your writing skills? Please enroll in my Proofreading "Non-Skype" Lesson below:
[Proofreading / Writing (Non-Skype) Lesson website:]

[Check your grammar:]
Another good way to check your grammar is to take my "Picto Chat" picture description lesson. You will describe pictures in a variety of settings. I will be writing down your answers so I can check your grammar. Again, it's easier to catch your mistakes and weaknesses if I can see how you speak in writing. Also, you will be testing your vocabulary on trying to describe unusual cartoon pictures.
[Please take a look at my "Picto Chat" website below:]

If you feel uncomfortable or insecure about speaking English, please know that you have a safety net with me. I am able to speak Japanese and I would be happy to fill in the blanks.
Have a wonderful Springtime! Enjoy the warm season before it gets too hot!

I would love to meet you if you've never taken my lesson before. In addition, I would like to see you again if I've met you before -- even if it's been a while.

[*Note:] I will be offering Discount Coupons for the last part of May 2019. Please keep your eyes out for the Coupon!

Thank you for your consideration and for reading my column! Hope to see you soon!

Warmest regards,

Lady Ayame

(Patricia Ayame Thomson)

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