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Learning and Success (Coupon Below)

Jun 9, 2019

Hello Cafetalk Students, 

Just a quick message to encourage you to keep learning and you will achieve success. Keep practicing and you will improve.

Learning new vocabulary will help you improve and become successful.  One way to learn new vocabulary is picture description.

Here is a picture.  What words and phrases do you think of when you see this picture? 

Did you think of the following phrases:

Street Fair
Busy street
Old buildings
Cloudy day
Warm day
Many umbrellas

Did you also think of these phrases:

A street teeming with activity

Historical buildings
Overcast day
Balmy day
Numerous umbrellas

Would you like to learn more vocabulary?  Try a fun lesson of picture description with Mini Variety Picture This! Use the coupon below and schedule a lesson today!

See you in a lesson soon!

Best Wishes, 


Coupon Name: 2 Year Anniversary Coupon (24 months)
Code: 6d986a78
Discount Rate: 24%
For Lesson: Any lesson except for lesson packs
Effective for lessons conducted between: Jun 1, 2019 ~ Jul 2, 2019
URL: http://cafetalk.com/coupons/detail/?id=1129988&lang=en
(GMT-06:00 DST Denver) 

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