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10 important particles Joshi in Japanese 助詞 じょし

Jun 8, 2019

Have you ever noticed that every Japanese sentence has the particles?
While teaching Japanese to my students, I found out that many of them have the problem with understanding what the particles are or for example, they can't figure out when they should use the particle が or は?
I recommend that you should understand the particles with its context or its background.
But at the same time, the most importantly, you should understand the main concept of each particle.
For example, the main concept of で is useful tool, which can be translated to "by using "
レストランで たべる(eat by using restaurant)place
ペンで かく(write by using pen)means tangible
I wrote the book about 10 important particles, called 10 important particles zyoshi in Japanese. It is written in English. It's available on amazon.
It will definitely help you understand the particles when you get confused. I also made the course for it here on cafetalk.
The contents in detail
-10 important particles -

This book deals with the particles
1st part "は、が、の、に"
2nd part "で、へ、と、を、から、まで"

It helps you understand the basic particles.

- Objective of this book -

This book helps you understand
“10 Important Particles = 助詞(じょし)”
,which we see or we use very often times.

This book is simple with illustration focusing on
the concepts of each particle.
You could read it without spending many hours.

There is the summary sheet for 10 important particles
to take with you. You could refer to it and memorize it
whenever you want.
*You could also download on the summary sheet.

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