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NEW NON-SKYPE Lesson - TED/NEWS/TED-ED (NON-SKYPE) Talks - Intermediate and Advanced Students

Jun 21, 2019

Hello Dear Students of Cafetalk!

I have created a NON-SKYPE Lesson for TED/NEWS/TED-ED talks.  This lesson is for Intermediate and advanced students. The quiz and discussion questions will be completed on the TED-ED site.  You may take up to 2 weeks to complete this NON-Skype Lesson.  There will be NO Live Skype lesson but you can complete this on your own time which may be more convenient for you. 

THIS IS A NON-SKYPE LESSON. Please request the topic when you book the lesson. 

This lesson will consist of a video, quiz, listening, and reading.  Each Bi-weekly Lesson will feature a different TED, NEWS, or TED-ED Talk.
 This lesson features listening, vocabulary and reading. You will get many forms of English in this lesson.  

Usually, these talks are under 15-minutes.   When you request this lesson, I will send you the link to watch the talk and take the quiz and answer all discussion questions.  I will also send you the transcript and a vocabulary list.

Please choose ONLY 1 talk with your request.  If you do NOT choose, I will choose for you.  

New Talks are being added regularly!

The current lessons available are:
  • Why don't country flags use the color purple
  • Where do new words come from?
  • History of Thanksgiving
  • Pumpkin Facts
  • Halloween History from National Geographic
  • How the world's first metro system was built
  • What Month Begins the New Year
  • Winter Holiday Celebrations Around the World
  • The Evolution of the book
  • Where did English come from?
  • 5 ways to listen better
  • The benefits of a bilingual brain
  • How rollercoasters affect your body
  • The history of the world according to cats
  • Shh! Sound health in 8 steps
  • Daylight Saving Time 101
  • The surprising link between stress and memory
  • Animals Cannot be Blue
  • The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained (DIFFICULT) 
  • The Environmental cost of free two-day shipping
  • Caffeine 101
  • A brief history of dogs
  • How Does the Stockmarket Work?
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