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The Art of Metal works

Weekly Topic: My Favorite Works of Art

Jun 23, 2019

Being a frustrated mechanical engineer, I have a passion for cars and works of metal or iron.  I have learned automotive mechanics on my own by mere observation and reading automotive mechanic books or magazines.  From there, I put  up my own automotive/car repair shop where I learned oxyacetyelne welding, manual metal forming and some metalurgy.  I have also developed a habit of setting aside any used metal part for any use it might be in the future.

It was from there that I learned that there is also the art in fusing different parts or metals to create something useful.  I did not go for preservation of metal art for its sake because most metals are corrosive aside from the likes of aluminum, stainless steel, and others.  We all understand that appreciation of art depends on the eye of the beholder as it is with beauty.

There are many television series or shows that are focused on the art of metal works like for example the American Chopper.  The TV shows how much they can do metal works to create awesome motorcycles.  There are also many metal work artists that use different mediums in making their own projects.  The metal work art I practiced was more on innovative use of metal parts/pieces to revive or to be able to re-use something that does not need to be junked.

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