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How to Cope with Stress before exams

Weekly Topic: How to cope with stress before exams

Jun 27, 2019

First and foremost, the best way to cope with exam stress is to properly prepare. 
 - Study
 - Revise
 - Check the time of your test
 - What stationery do you need?
 - What ID do you need?
 - How do you get to the test venue?

After that, the basics are key. Get a good night sleep. Eat a filling breakfast that will set you up for the day, get a coffee or tea if that is your thing, or just a bottle of water.

Then, from here, it is personal preference. I don't enjoy having textbooks with me on test day. I much prefer flash cards or a small notebook for revision. Some people, however, like having the subject textbook, so if they suddenly think "oh my god what was that thing again?", they have the information available to them. 

In my specific case, I have taken the JLPT (Japanese Language Prociency Test) tests for the last five years. On test day, I have some simple flash cards, a kanji app that is on my phone and a notebook of grammar points that are very easy to flick through. I then make sure to have my test voucher, I check the venue location, eat a good solid breakfast and try to arrive a little early to get a coffee and relax into the test mood. All this preparation before I even sit in my seat.

One last thing I would like to mention is post-test stress. Most people do this. Once an exam is over, you go over your answers again and again in your head, or you check to see if the answer you were unsure about was correct. Even talking to friends about the test after. If you and your friends got differing answers for a question, you double check and triple check your text book or worksheets. All this just makes you unneccessarily worried. I say "uneccessarily" because, no matter how much you think about it, or stress over it, (to quote Lion King) you can't change the past.  It is always good to review previous tests and understand why you made errors or mistakes, but stressing out before you even get your exam result back will just add to your worries.

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