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Coping With Stress Before Exams

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Jul 1, 2019

Stress has always been part of the lives of not only adults but more so of students.  There's no exact formula on how to cope with stress but let me share with you some of the things I do to cope with stressful examinations. 

1.0        1.0  Plan Ahead of Time

Cramming would add up to pressure and you almost always feel like you are running out of time. That happens only when you study a day before the test and you’re not even sure if you will be able to cover everything. Would it be more relaxing if you knew you are already prepared way ahead before the start of the exam? 

2.0        2.0   Manage your Time Well

Allot time for each subject according to urgency. I’m good at Math so I allot less time for that than Civics or History. It really depends on your preference. Know where you are good at, know your weaknesses.
Also, include in your time log to grab some snacks and a time for break.
Most importantly I give myself a complete 8 to 9 hour sleep.

3.0     Stretching in Betweens

Sitting for a long time in the library or in your study means less blood and oxygen circulation.  Stretching every 30 minutes or so for just 5 minutes will do the trick. Don’t forget to breathe. Then go back to your books refreshed. 

I also give myself time to smile between breaks. Yes, I may look funny but it works. A facial stretch activates my happy hormones.


4.0     Taper the Books and Love Yourself

I don’t push myself to the last minute.  I let my brain process the inputs I got from reading and drills.  A day before the test, I do nothing but watch TV shows treat myself with a nice cold cucumber juice, coffee or what have me.  A nice long walk also releases my stress.


Stress is there. That’s pretty normal. Don’t be stressed by stress. Smile, breathe and take a rest.


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