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Montag, 8. Juli 2019, 15:13

I ran chickpea miso & salt koji workshop last week! It was so much fun sharing my passion of miso. 

Miso is a Japanese super food - handmade miso has quite a diifferent taste to supermarket miso. It has a more complex flavour, it's raw (unheated), and has more nutrition! 
This time we made chickpea miso. Most miso is made with soybeans, but chickpea miso is also popular, as it's slightly sweeter, and has a milder flavour than soybean miso. As it's not as strong a flavour as soybean miso, we can use chickpea miso for a variety of dishes, dips, & sauces, and it can be mixed with soybean miso for an original blended flavour! 
Salt koji (shio koji) is a fermented product of koji, rice, salt and water, that can be used as an ingredient or as seasoning in many vegetarian and meat dishes! It can be used as a salt substitute when cooking, and is healthier and adds delicious umami.





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