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Jul 11, 2019

Hi everyone! THIS IS MY FIRST EVER COLUMN here at Cafetalk and I couldn't be more excited! First, let me introduce myself, my name is Lolisa but please call me Lisa. This blog post is orginally from my own blog website Twentytwo Forward.com. In here, I explained how I came to Portugal all the way from Japan! I hope this serves as my little self- introduction to you all my future students as well.

I created Twentytwo Forward blog almost 5 years ago when I left my home country Philippines and moved to Japan. From then on, I wrote and told stories about my life and my travels.

Now, I am very stoked to tell you that I just recently moved across the globe to a city called PORTO in the country PORTUGAL as what this column's title implies.

No, I am not leaving Japan for good. Hopefully, after a couple of years I will be back in the country I considered home. I will be staying in Europe for a couple of years and I thought it is a big leap forward and I really wanted to share it to people that I left back home and to anyone who's reading my story.

For someone like me who came from an entirely different continent, this new country, Portugal is a whole new world for me. I want to document my experience here as much as possible and live my life here knowing that I have done the things that I've always wanted and things that I would have never thought I can be able to do. In short, no regrets.

Currently, I started Cafetalk because I want to continue my career in teaching even though I am half way across Asia. I also hope to aspire more people to go out of their comfort zone, travel and communicate!

I hope to be posting more of my stories soon :)

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