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The best teacher I ever had

Jul 11, 2019

Ever since I was going to school, I never thought I would find the best teacher I ever had.  I was lazy in school and my teachers never got me interested in what they were teaching!  It was on my third year in college when I finally experienced the best teacher I ever had.  He was teaching law subjects at the university and he was the only teacher who got me interested in the subject.  It was from him where I learned about how things are going around in the business world.  I never imagined that all the transactions going on in business was regulated by law.  Well, I was that young and stupid!

Would you have ever imagined that something you did not want anymore because of defects and sold it to another person is governed by law?  That person could sue you for that defective item!  Yes, even the fact that you were simply hanging or displaying something outside your window that is quite heavy that suddenly drops for an inexplicable reason and hurts someone is also covered by a law!  That could be considered negligence or tort in law.

That is the reason why my first law subject teacher was the best teacher I ever had and he is a lawyer.  He was true to his words in teaching.  No wonder he became a successful lawyer and is now comfortably retired.  Whenever I would consult with him about a legal matter, he would be able to make me understand it with just a few words.  He is not like other unscrupulous lawyers who would scare you of possible consequences just to make a buck from you.

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