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Learn English through Music.

Jul 31, 2019 | 1 Comments

Native children learn many words through music, so I think its a great way for children and adults to learn English- words and phrases, by looking at the lyrics of a song. Also the melody of the song helps both children and adults remember the sound and pronuciation of the words. 

In Japan I currently teach an intermediate/ advanced level community class for Learning English through music. We learn words, phrases and meanings of the songs and musical terms in English. My students love it cause they learn new words and meanings as well as getting to sing!

If looking at song lyrics in English is something you like to do or learn to sing and understand the song, this could be done in either of my two relaxed conversation lessons or vocal coaching/technique of singing lessons.

If you wanna learn how to write lyrics or work on your English understanding and pronuciation in your songs when singing we can do that too!

This can be done in either my online lyrics writing class, Songwriting classes or vocal coaching in English. 

I hope to see you soon for some fun song lyric based lessons either writing lyrics or learning and understanding them for improving your English! 

Before moving to Japan a couple of years ago I was a full time voice and piano teacher, songwriter, producer and singer for 15 years.  My former performing name was Stephanie Coldwell-Anderson. 

If you want to check out my original childrens songs, pop songs and covers for use in a lesson they can be found on any digital distribution site like itunes, google play etc. 

Lyrics for many of my songs can be found here: https://www.musixmatch.com/ja/artist/Stephanie-Coldwell-Anderson

Come check out my lesson-- learn English through Song lyrics class ^^ good for Advanced Beginner to the Advanced English speaker. We can do a song of your choice or I will send you a song. --Learn double meanings in songs to have deeper understand -- and new vocabulary you might not know. 

hope to see you soon! 



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