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Balance, the future and big changes......

Aug 1, 2019 | 2 Comments

I was in a bit of a rush before work and wasn’t able to fit in my morning workout, so I decided to combine it with looking over my goals list. .
As with everything in life :
‘It’s all about the balance’

Maybe this wouldn’t work with some of the thick, detailed books with big words (like Ashley reads!!!) but it’s a good job I don’t read them! Haha.
Here I am studying my life goals list, which I keep in a book, with me at all times. I divide it in to short, medium and long term goals and things which will bring happiness to myself and/or the people around me. Everything is categorised and Iv worked out a system for what makes me feel truly happy inside. 
When I was feeling lost in life, this practice really helped and I have kept it up for years now. Everytime you complete a goal, you have to add at least one more in that section, as well as steps how to get there. It’s a great way to avoid monotony and stagnation. This really helped get my life on track and I have achieved so many personal goals I never would have thought possible in the past 10 years, with so much more I want to do (and WILL do).
After all, no one wants to be one of those ‘I wish I had done that when I was younger’ people. Don’t wish it. Just do it. Or at the very least, die trying. 
Right now I have just added something very big for 2020, which is a big change of direction, but totally necessary. More will be revealed in the upcoming months. Thanks to all my good friends and family who’ve been helping over the years. You know who you are! And to those who try to sabotage others growth by talking negatively about their plans and ideas - you are like zombies. Hindering others evolution, trying to turn them in to your lazy, TV addicted, alcohol fuelled selves .

‘Live as if you will die tomorrow.
Learn as if you will live forever. Love like your life depends on it’

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