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What's your hobby? We finally went camping !

Aug 13, 2019

My husband and have our hobbies that we do together and we have hobbies that we do alone. 
Our together hobbies are camping and travelling. We usually combine them together. 

Last year, we went camping with tent and other gear a total of 42 nights, it was our record! 

This year, our 16 year old car needed to be replaced. So, we bought a Honda Freed Spike, this car is great for sleeping in once you get all the proper gear needed. 

This past mountain day long weekend, we finally went auto camping we did a mix of tarp and cooking gearing along with sleeping in the car. We tried the campsite Doshi no mori. Do you know it?

 So tell me, what`s your hobby? ( leave a message below or let`s have a talk with one of my relaxed/ casual conversation classes.)

Let`s have a chat! I look forward to meeting you soon !



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