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Travel Plans and Schedule Update

Aug 14, 2019

Hi Everyone!

I am currently in Warsaw, Poland on the Central European Summer Time Zone. 

I am taking off tomorrow (15 August) through Sunday (18 August) to visit Krakow, Poland for a peirogi festival. Pierogies are Polish and similar to dumplings.
I will be back in Warsaw, Poland and back on Cafetalk on Monday (19 August), just in time for Cafetalk Day!

On 25 August, I will be flying to Porto, Portugal to spend time with my boyfriend's sister and I will be away from Cafetalk.
On 03 September, my boyfriend and I are flying to Wales in the United Kingdom to visit his family.

I will be back on Cafetalk on the 5th of September, but my available times will change slightly as the United Kingdom is 1 hour behind Poland. The UK is using the British Summer Time Zone right now.

Other than going back 1 hour, my schedule will mostly be the same.

I look forward to seeing you all soon,

Elaina :)

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