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Weekly Topic: What is your life motto?

Aug 21, 2019

My new life Motto that I adopted in 2017 just before moving to Japan is ULTRALIFE- extreme life !

I made a decision to live my life to the fullest and that every day will be a wonderful day, I will have many memories, many experiences, be healthy to the best of my ability physically and mentally, meet many people, and help/serve people through learning the English langauge and music. 

To give a bit of a backstory on myself, before moving to Japan. I lived in Toronto, Canada for about 10 years. Before this time, I lived in Ottawa, Canada and Nova Scotia, Canada where I also had music studios.  In Toronto, Canada I had a thriving music studio where I tought voice and piano lessons both in my home and at a private music school `Merriam Music.`Over those 10 years I met and worked with about 150 families from many parts of the world who had come to live, work or learn in Canada and used English as a second language. 

During my time in Toronto, I made many connections with people and in the music industry, I was doing live concerts, recording, writing and producing songs for both children and adults. 

But, life changes unexpectedly sometimes and when this happens you have to make a lot of changes, and my big change lead me to Japan, to my new job teaching English at a langauge school (and now online with Cafetalk) and  unexpected life change lead me to my husband. 

Although, everything is going well for me in Japan, when I decided to move to Japan 2 years ago, I also decided to become semi-retired from music industry as well, which was difficult as music had always been a huge part of my life. I did my last live concert performance in Canada in June 2017 and my band Enst N`West disbanded and I packed my bags and moved to Japan in August 2017.

I had been working on recording a new album at the time to release so I eventually released the album entitled Beyond the Boundary in April 2018.

Anyways, I wasn’t able to get all my recorded songs onto that album so I recently released a new album called  Ultralife! A journey into life and love, based off my new life motto and one of the song titles. Both this album and my preivous album Beyond the Boundary, tell the artists story. and journey  It’s now available on any digital platform for streaming or sale. 

Since moving to Japan I have expereinced local life , traditional music, nature, hiking, camping and just living life to its fullest everyday.-- Everyday is gonna be a great day leading to the ULTRALIFE.

I started doing music again by starting a community English though music class  at my local community centre here in Japan and now I’m offering Vocal lessons , songwriting in English and Study English song lyrics classes to help improve your English skills, vocabulary, and understanding here at Cafetalk! Good for Intermediate-Advanced English level. 


I hope to meet you soon! And we can study English or English and Music together !  


Come check out my classes and promotional coupons and join me on the journey to ULTRALIFE! 


Hope to see you soon!! 



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