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How was your weekend? Mine has been busy!!

Aug 24, 2019

Hey everyone! 

How was your weekend? mine has been quite busy!!

We started our weekend by doing an overnight camping trip 30 mins from our house with camping car and minimal equipment. We had a nice BBQ with river fish :)

 Then we packed up around noontime today and later in this afternoon we headed into Tokyo city to Ueno park where they have the Tokyo National Musuem. We had baught tickets in advance to go see the Three Kingdoms exhibition. My husband and I both really enjoy history and I first learned of the sorty of the Three Kingdoms from him. It was interesting for me to learn more about it by going to the exhibition. I also appreciated the audio guide and wall text in English this really helped me to get a better undertsanding of the story. 

Do you know of the story of the Three Kingdoms?  Do you like history? I`d love to hear about your countries historical stories. :) We can chat about it in my relaxed English conversation class, I offer 30 min and 50 min sessions. -- Good for Adv. beginner to Advanced Englsih speaker. 

If you are in Tokyo before Sept 16th I suggest seeing this exhibition if you enjoy this type of historical stuff. 

I really want to read the book in English and see the rest of the drama-- with english subtitles. 

After leaving the muesum to head back home we stopped at a Latin Festival that was happening and grabed some food to eat on the way back to the station. 

Have you ever eaten Lebanese or Thai food?

It was really good.

Come have a chat with me about what you`ve been doing, your hobbies/ interests. 

Hope to meet you soon!




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