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Interesting vending machines

Aug 27, 2019

So, Japan is well known for having many vending machines but since moving to Japan just over two years ago, I have only seen drink machines mostly and a few snack machines. Recently, while driving around near our house we found a vending machine collection owned by a tire company. 

There are so many vending machines that do things I had never seen before like depense Raman into a bowl.... popcorn machine, full hot dinner , or even toasted sandwich!  This was strange and amazing to me. My husband said he thought the owner must be a collector cause he remembers these types of machines from the 1970`s. 

Anyways, I took a few picture of the machines that I truely never seen before or imagined existed. I had already eaten supper so I didn`t try any of the machines but I`d like to go back sometime and try it! Have you ever seen these type of vending machines ? Do they still have something similar where you live in Japan? What`s the craziest vending machine you`ve ever seen?  I`d love to know! Come and chat with me in either my 30 min or 60 min Relaxed conversation class and tell me all about it !! 

 This was the popcorn vending machine that played a song while it popped the corn and had a count down until it was ready reminded me of an arcade type feeling. 

 These two vending machines despense hot food hamburger in 60 seconds and toasted sandwich, we watched a young man get the toasted sandwich it came out wrapped in tinfoil with a small plate! Crazy!

 These two vending machines give out full meals it seems, hot and ready to serve! I`ve never seen anything like it in my life ! I wanna go back and try it sometime. :)

I look forward to chatting with you about this and many topics hope to see you at a relaxed conversation lesson soon!



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