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My Earliest Childhood Memory!

Weekly Topic: What is your earliest childhood memory?

Aug 31, 2019

My earliest childhood memories are mainly traumatic experiences such as situations where people entered our home uninvited, badly burning myself and seeing death. When bad things or scary things happen we tend to remember them deeply even from a young age. 


As I explained in my Motto post, my motto is Ultralife (extreme life) and living positive! So, I’d like to focus on the positive first memory of my childhood instead of my very first memory. 


To give a back story , I lived together with my mother and marernal great grandparents. So my earliest (positive) memory is moments with my great grandfather when I was around 2 years old. He was in his 80’s so he had a lot of time to spend with me. We would watch TV together with me sitting on his lap and him twirling his thumbs as he held me and I’d try to mimic his thumb twirling. I admired him a lot so much so I followed him everywhere. 

Even when he shaved his face I wanted to do what he did too. So he would put the shaving cream on my face and then his face. Then he would shave his face (he used an old traditional barbers shaver) and then he would use the backside of the shaver to shave my face too. Lol

Then he would put aftershave on both our faces. 


These are fun and happy memories that I cherish! 


What’s your first happiness/positive childhood memory? 


I’d love to hear about this and more! Come have a 30min or 50 min relaxed conversation with me! ( with gentle English reminders and feedback) Let’s get to know each other and practice your English together! 


Hope to see you soon! 





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