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Discovering Japan! We love traveling and camping around in Japan!

Sep 2, 2019 | 1 Comments

I love traveling and seeing new places and experimenting local culture and life styles ! How about you? 


I love traveling Japan! There is so my to see in Japan. It will probably take me the next 30 years just to see the places I wanna see and experience.  


I bought a scratch off map of Japan so as I explore more prefectures I scratch off the areas I’ve been too! 


(The title photo are the areas of Japan I’ve currently spent a lot of time visiting and experiencing what those prefectures have to offer) 


As I mentioned in a previous post my husband and I love traveling and camping either with tent or car camping depending on the location. 


Where would you recommend I visit? What should I do there? Are there any local experiences? 


I love experiencing local life and seeing nature as well as going places most tourists wouldn’t go! 


My 3 top favorite places I visited in Japan so far has been the following:


  1. Sado Island 3 nights/ 4 days (tent) camping trip around the island sightseeing, enjoying local food, hot springs and the relaxed atmosphere.

  2. Abt-ichishiro in Shizuoka prefecture we spent 3 nights/4 days and we went on a great tent camping trip staying at a camping ground by the same name as the area. We enjoyed lovely hot spring, local food (mountain soba with grasshoppers) and special local train trip and some hiking.  

  3. Kanazawa/ Shirakawago- We did car camping only trip. 4 nights/ 5 days exploring/ sightseeing eating local food, local Sento/ hot springs, Noh performance, tea house district in Kanazawa and then in Shirakawago seeing the houses and lifestyle and eating food locally grown was great experience. 


If you like camping  our top campsites that we recommend for nice vacation that we enjoy going to the most are: 


  1. Tanukiko campsite, Shizuoka Prefecture 
  2. Hottarakashi campsite, Yamanashi prefecture 
  3. Kamioshima campsite, Kanagawa prefecture 

This is a picture of Tanukiko Campground leading up to New Years Day! 

Come have a chat with me ! Let’s talk about travel and places to see! Do you like camping? We could talk about that too! 

You can follow our adventures on my instagram page- https://www.instagram.com/stephaniecoldwellofficial


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