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The best thing learned by a small mistake - The power of the punctuation.

Weekly Topic: The best thing you have learned from a small mistake.

Sep 9, 2019 | 2 Comments

The apostrohe is a very important and powerful part of punctuation.

We use apostrophes to indicate possession for nouns (not pronouns i.e. its, their, whose, and your). They're also used for contraction (i.e. it's, they're, who's, and you're). So, we use for possession and contraction.

It's & Its

Question - What is the cat doing? Answer - It's playing with a toy. {Here it's is a contraction of it is, meaning the cat}
Question - What is the cat doing? Answer - Playing with its toy. {Here its denotes ownership, the toy belongs to the cat.}

When I was a child I always made these mistakes in school. I couldnt understand punctuation at all, and I am a native speaker.

It was only when I began to study English as a Teacher did I manage to understand.

My favorite example for bad punctuation is this one.

A) Lets eat Grandma. {A suggestion to eat our Grandmother}

and with punctuation.....

B) Let's eat, Grandma! {An exclamation that I am hungry and wish to have dinner WITH my grandmother}

Actually, my Grandmother taught me this after I wrote to her when I was a child.

A very big lesson learned from a very small mistake.

One I have never forgotten and one I use as an example all the time.

Another might be......

A) My hobbies are eating dogs and swimming. {I have 2 hobbies. I like to eat dogs and to go swimming}

or with punctuation.....

B) My hobbies are eating, dogs and swimming. {I have 3 hobbies, eating, my dogs and swimming.}

Thats why punctuation is important! A small mistake can make for a very big misunderstanding.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Take care.

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