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I was on the TV Show, "Seinfeld"

Sep 11, 2019

Hello Cafetalk Community!

How are you? I understand it gets very hot after a typhoon. I hope you are staying cool. In Canada, it's still hot during the day, but it cools down in the early morning and at night. I'm doing good and teaching many English lessons! I feel extremely fortunate to have met so many wonderful people on Cafetalk. I sincerely feel very lucky to be able to have the opportunity to work with each and every one of my students. I can't believe there are so many nice people in the world!


[Today, I want to talk about my acting career in Hollywood:]

After I graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts, I continued to take many acting classes with various "hot" acting coaches at the time. Eventually, I got my first agent and I landed my first job with William Shatner on the TV Show, "T.J. Hooker." Without an agent, you can't get anywhere in Hollywood. It's really difficult to get an agent that believes in you and sends you out on lots of auditions.

I worked as an NBC Game Show Model, a host on Infommercials, a model on commercials, a businesswoman on corporate films, and other peripheral acting jobs in between the work I really wanted to get on TV and film. I hustled and went on hundreds of auditions and side jobs to make ends meet. I also worked in "live" theatre and (in the photo below) I was the Grand Wizer (the villain) in a play called, "Aladdin." I worked in over 40 plays on the stage!

What I want to convey is that life as an artist is extremely hard and often heartbreaking. Although I was fortunate enough to accumulate over 50 TV and film credits (not counting the peripheral jobs I booked to keep alive.) You really, really have to want it to pursue an acting career, especially without the fame of being a household name. Supporting (or character) actors never know when their next meal is coming from. The odds of winning an acting job is approximately 25:1. So, unless you really want to give it shot, I wouldn't recommend this lifestyle to anyone. It's basically feast or famine.

On the other hand, when you land an acting job, there's nothing like it in the world! Performing on a TV show in front of a "live" audience is an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You get so excited, you can't get to sleep that night! I wish I could express to you this awesome feeling when you land an acting job! For example, I work for years and years to get a good reputation in the Hollywood "inner-circle" to get this job on "Seinfeld". So, even if it appears like it's just a scene, many years of preparation finally met with opportunity! Out of the many other TV shows I've appeared in, "Seinfeld" happened to be a breakout hit!

I suppose there's polarity in everything. . . the good and the bad. As hard as it is, the rewards are even greater. If you have the tenacity and perseverance to hang in there, it's all worth it in the end. To take a look at what I'm talking, about please take a look at my credits on IMDb. (Internet Movie Database): 

Also, I'm on Japanese Wikipedia:

At Cafetalk, I am grateful to have the stability I've never experienced before working as an English tutor! I don't regret my modeling and acting journey at all. As a matter of fact, I think I would have regretted it forever, and thought about "what if. . . ?" for the rest of my life!

Now, I am putting my very best into providing the most beneficial English lesson to children and adult students of all levels! As a teacher, it's also hard work to continue to come up with new materials for my lessons, but I'm used to it. I've been working as a model in Japan since I was 13 years old.

If you haven't taken one of my many lessons yet, it would be my pleasure to meet you. I'm a gentle, friendly, and positive English tutor and I would like to have the opportunity to work with you! If you've taken my lessons on an on-going basis, I appreciate your continued requests and hard work! I can assure you that you are improving every time you take a lesson, even if you're not aware of it at the time. I believe you will learn something valuable from every lesson!

Thank you for allowing me to share my acting life and experiences in Hollywood! I promise to listen to your many exciting adventures during your lesson!

PS: Like one time, I went to work in Honolulu, Hawaii with a handsome lead young actor. Then, I met Tom Selleck from "Magnum P.I." on the plane, and later, Lee Majors from the "Six Million-Dollar-Man." It was like hunks in Hollywood! Well, that's a whole different story! Maybe next time. . .
Anyway, thank you for reading my column and stopping by. Please take a look at my profile to see if I'm the right English tutor for you! See you soon!

Wishing you and your family all the best!

Warmest regards,
Lady Ayame
(Patricia Ayame Thomson)

[This photo is from my appearance as the Grand Wizer in the play, "Aladdin."]

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