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Eat, sleep, and breathe (something)

Oct 10, 2019

Eat, sleep, and breathe...English!

How does English taste? Does it taste good?

Okay, no more weird questions. It’s been a long time since I posted something! I want to post more! So, I thought it would be good to start out with an idiom related to passion!

Eat, sleep, and breathe (something). I think you can guess the meaning of this but I will explain anyway! I mean, explaining stuff is kind of my job, right?

But first, let me ask you...What is very important in life? Relationships/Community? Yes.  Exercise/Good health? Definitely! Anime? You know it! (well, for me anyway...ahaaaa). Oh...and eating, sleeping, and breathing, of course! We must do these if we wish to continue living! They are so important that if we stop...well...life stops! So, now that we understand the meaning behind those chosen words, we can add them to anything for our idiom! 

Eat, sleep, and breathe sports? Are you a big sports player or fan? Is it one sport or all sports? Perhaps you eat, sleep, and breathe baseball or soccer?

Eat, sleep, and breathe travel? Can’t live happily without moving around, experiencing new cultures and places? I know that feeling! Where is your next destination?

Eat, sleep, and breathe cooking? I am so jealous! I really need to learn how to cook more! What is it that you like to cook? Why do you love it so much? Or is it just the eating part? I like doing that!

So, dear students, dear teachers, dear all Cafetalk readers, what do you eat, sleep, and breathe? There are no wrong answers of course! Maybe weird but never wrong! And hey, personally, I love weird!

To all those reading, thank you for reading my post! I wish to post more often, so I will do my best!

If you are a student and are interested in taking a lesson with me but my current schedule is difficult for you, please message me! I will be updating my availability very soon!

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