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Word(s) That Took Me Forever to Remember - Weekly - [簡単英語レベル]

Weekly Topic: A word which took me forever to remember

Oct 11, 2019

There are many words that were challenging for me to remember. 
Truthfully, I still cannot remember many Japanese words, but that's OK!
Practice makes perfect. Here are my most forgettable words!

1. 中盛

One of the first words that I could not remember was 中盛. 
In Japan, sometimes I wanted to eat a beef bowl. 

The nearest beef bowl restaurant to my apartment was すきや. 
I often ordered the same meal... Cheese Gyudon!

I could not read 中盛, but I know I wanted the medium size.
I would use my finger and point at the menu. "kore kudasai" I said.

I was so embarrassed! I eventually learned how to say it, but it took me about 6 or 7 visits to my local すきや. The staff new my face and helped me. How kind of them! ??

2. 政治家

I can almost never remember this word still today. 

In English, this word is politician or statesman but I always forget. 
(As a special hint, Americans do not use the word statesman. We almost always use politician.)

I don't know why this word is difficult for me to remember! I am frustrated by this word.

I am also frustrated by some politicians, so maybe that's the reason?

3. 洗濯 + 洗濯機

Laundry and Washing Machine are words that are super challenging for me to remember.
Sometimes, if I do remember them, I confuse the two words. 

In English, you can "Do laundry."  You cannot "do a washing machine."
Maybe because they both have 洗濯?

Do you have that problem in Japanese?

4. [....?....]

I don't remember the last word...Hmm....

Maybe I still don't remember it!

What words do you sometimes forget?
What words in English have taken you a long time to remember? 

I am interested in your answer. Please comment!

Thank you for reading!

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