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6 weeks on Cafetalk and I'm lovin' it!!

Dec 21, 2011

Hi everyone, I have been registered on Cafetalk as a tutor for almost 6 weeks now and have completed over 20 one hour lessons with excellent feedback for every lesson and I have been added as favourite tutor 18 times out of 20!

I must admit that I have thoroughly enjoyed this new experience of meeting people from a different part of Asia and helping them to develop their English skillls. My favourite lesson types are those in which I can help students to develop a specific skill, for example, interview skills and techniques. I have had two students that booked me several times in a row for these lessons and each of these students made it through to the advanced 2nd and 3rd stages of the interview process for their dream jobs....... I am now awaiting the outcome to see if they managed to achieve their dreams for which I hope I was a part of!

I also love teaching idioms and some of my students have found my stock of idiom sayings and subsequent meanings to be highly amusing and also useful in business and social situations in which they can use them to impress their peers.

I look forward to hearing from more students in the near future who will have booked me based on my excellent feedback and my wealth of experience that they can learn from to help them achieve all their life goals and more in the English speaking world.

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