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Tutor Judy Shino 's Column

Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Shop

Oct 26, 2019

When I was a child, my mother used to take me to the sandwich shop, Subway. I was always so excited for it because I love turkey sandwiches so much. Right next door, there was the ice cream shop, Ben and Jerry‘s. It’s really famous in America. My mother usually didn’t let me eat sweets... but once in a while, if I had good grades or something... she might take me to Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.

I can’t remember what flavors they had. I can’t remember if it was delicious or not. But, I can clearly remember the mural paintings on the walls in their shop. They had magical paintings of happy cows flying around a green field. I loved looking at those paintings because they were so silly and happy. 

I haven’t returned to my hometown in many years... I wonder if that shop is still there... I want to look at the paintings one more time.

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