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Ignorance is Bliss

Weekly Topic: What I wished to know when I was a child

Nov 12, 2019

           I can’t think of a time where my curiosity was piqued as a child. I suppose my childhood was filled with joyful moments, most of the time. And on those off days, those were so uneventful that I had no memory of them. I guess the proverbial saying “Ignorance is bliss” was true then.

            Now that I’m a father of two, I have more questions. And it’s not wise to be ignorant. Will they be able to find jobs that they want? Will they have a bright future? Then I realise that these worries are out of my control. And the reassuring thought is that my Lord who holds tomorrow will keep them safe.

            What about you? What did you wish to know when you were a child? Share with me in Quick Chat in English (15 minutes) or English Conversation Class (25 minutes).

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