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50 lessons milestone reached!

Dec 11, 2019

This little article serves only one purpose. It is to...

Thank you all for putting so much trust in me and my work.

On December 8th I reached my first important milestone as a teacher on Cafetalk! I've completed 50 beautiful, heartwarming and epic lessons with you! Before I started my work here, I'd already heard a lot of amazing things about Cafetalk, but it is a completely different thing to experience them myself.
I believe this is a great platform for offering lessons and also for meeting fantastic people from all around the world!

Also imagine my surprise when I was nominated for the 2019 Cafetalk Awesome Lessons Awards and at the same time I found myself in the 2nd place on the English New Tutor's ranking list. I haven't even dreamed about being on the list myself!

So this way, let me thank you and express my appreciation and gratitude. You are all amazing! I hope I'll get the chance to repay this warm welcome with kindness and my careful attention!

Have a wonderful day!
Sincerely, Teacher Berni B

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