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My most favorite GIF: The blinking guy!

Weekly Topic: My favorite GIF / emoji

Jan 11, 2020 | 3 Comments

Do you know this famous guy? He is best known as the 'blinking white guy' GIF. If you spend a lot of time in social media, chances are you might have seen him at least once.

This GIF is usually use to express incredulity or something unbelievable. In other word, this GIF can has the meaning of 'Say What?', or 'Seriously?'.

I like to use this GIF among my friends when they are boasting about something that is hard to believe, or when there is something that seems impossible for me to do. I also use it when I hear or see something surprising. It can easily convey my feeling without saying any word!

This guy is known as Drew Scanlon and this video is originally a stream video game on 2013 by a video game website, Giant Bomb. It's funny how something so subtle like this can become an internet trend until today! 

See the example of how the internet is using this GIF:

This is him now!

So, what is your favorite GIF? Share it in the comment! 

Vocabulary Check:
Incredulity (信じられない気持ち) 
The feeling when you cannot or don't want to believe something

Boasting (大言壮語)
Talking about an achievement with too much pride

Convey (伝える)
To communicate or send something (for example feeling)

Subtle (
A small detail that is difficult to notice

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