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PLEASE READ: Postnatal Depression / Baby Blues Awareness

Jan 17, 2020

This article is written for everyone: moms, husbands, daughters, brothers, fathers, grandfathers... Everyone needs to know this! PLEASE READ IT!


Have you heard of the Baby Blues or Postnatal Depression?

Giving birth to a new life is a magical event. It is a huge change in your life and you expect and are expected to feel joy and be the happiest person on the planet. However, that’s very often not the case, especially right after you’ve given birth. Your mind and body went through so much change in such a short time, you might have had a traumatic birthing experience, you might be having trouble with breastfeeding, you might be in a lot of pain if you’ve had episiotomy, and you might suddenly start feeling frightened and helpless. You might find yourself crying all the time… You are not alone. This is normal, especially right after your baby is born. Your newborn is waking up every couple of hours, or he/she might not be sleeping at all during the night, they might be crying all the time, thus leaving you very irritable due to lack of sleep. Your hormone levels drop which also impacts your mood. This condition is very common and it is called baby blues. In fact, 80% of new moms go through it! It usually lasts 1-6 weeks after which you should start feeling better again. If, however, the symptoms aren’t gone after the period of 6 weeks and you are still experiencing mood swings, feel sad and hopeless, unworthy of being a mom, you have anxiety and panic attacks, or fail to take care of yourself or your baby, you might have postnatal depression. About 10% of moms go through postnatal depression and it can vary in symptoms and levels. If you feel like you have any of these symptoms it is advisable to talk to your doctor. Some moms experience a mild form of depression and they end up dealing with it on their own and getting back to their normal lives. Others, however, who have more severe symptoms require medical help and medication. Good news is, it is something that is treatable and you can get better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I’ve written this article to inform more people about postnatal depression. It’s very important to be educated in this matter and be able to recognize it. If we suspect someone has it we need to be super kind to them and offer help and support.

Always be kind to moms, you can’t know what they are going through.

Aside from gaining weight during pregnancy, some changes can happen that you can’t see. Don’t judge a mom if she has more weight than before, don’t tell her she needs to take care of herself better. She could be suffering internally. Many moms end up with not only heavier weight and stretched skin, but also weakened or torn muscles, organs out of place or falling out, and lots of physical pain. Sometimes they can’t control their urination or bowel movement. This all has a huge impact on mental health so please be aware.

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